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Westons Farm is a traditional mixed farm which operates using modern technology and a circular farming strategy helping us to be insecticide free since 2018. The Exwood family started here on 100ac and, with the support of our landlords, have grown to cover over 1000ha. Our main focus is our beef and arable but we also tend to sheep, pigs and a greenhouse which we sell produce from through the farm shop.


We’re on a silty heavy clay soil for the majority of the farm which supports good yields but limits any travelling in the wetter months. The main crops grown are wheat, oats, oil seed rape and spring beans. Our farm allows versatility in our cropping to help with pests and make the land more productive so we also grow barley, maize and grass for our beef cattle along with other cover crops. Whilst the majority of animals we look after are dairy beef we also have a small suckler herd of Sussex as well as a flock of sheep which can often be seen close to Westons during calving and lambing.

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